Cervical Collar with Open Trachea

Cervical Collar with Open Trachea
    Model : SQ1-A005
    Product Name : Cervical Collar with Open Trachea
    Product Character
    Features and Benefits

       Reduces Rotation and Slightly Hyperextend the Cervical Spine

       Provides Rigid Immobilization and Support

       Keeps Spin Straight to Facilitate Spin and Ligament healing

       Padded Foam for Comfort and Support

       Hook & Loop Closure for Easy Application and Removal

       Quick Access to Pulse Monitoring and Bandaging

       Improves Breathability of Neck Collar

       Low Profile Ergonomic Design

       FDA Class I Medical Grade Certified and Standards

       Available Sizes: S, M, L

       Best choice in the market for contact sport injuries

       Clinically Proven and Doctors Recommended

    Injury Application

               Post Trauma Cervical Injuries (Whiplash)

              Emergency Tracheotomies

               Herniated Cervical Discs

               Nerve Root Irritation

               Spinal Stenosis

               Reduced Dislocations

               Degenerative Disorders

               Chronic & Acute Neck Pain

               Arthritis in Neck Relief

               Minimize Pain and Fast Join Recovery

    Product material

    Plastic foam 70%,  Polypropylene 20%, Nylon 10%

    S 10"-13"
    M 13"-16"
    L 16"-19"